What can happen if anemia is kept untreated?

Anemia means no enough red blood cells in the body. There are two kinds of disease acute and chronic, and anemia can be any of them. But it is mostly monitored and treated well, and if left untreated can lead to the worst effects too. There are some symptoms you may experience such as fatigue, shortness of breath, weakness, high heart palpitations, and lightheadedness also the symptom of untreated anemia. Fortunately, we have some of the home remedies that can help you to fight against anemia while producing the red blood cells.

The food items that helps in preventing anemia

Drink plenty of copper water

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Drinking plenty of water is highly recommended for good health. But do you know if you drink copper water can help you to treat anemia? Storing water in the copper vessel before drinking can help you to get natural minerals along with a hydrated body that is essential to treat anemia.

Beetroot and pomegranate juice

Anemia is a disease that does not allow red blood cells to be developed, therefore; you need to take all those foods and fruits that can help you to develop blood cells, and when it comes to increasing blood cells then beetroot and pomegranate juice is the best option. These fruits are rich in iron, copper, potassium, and other minerals that are essential to boost your energy level to treat anemia.

Dried fruits

Dried fruits are rich in vitamin C and iron. These substances are easy and quick to absorbed by the body. You need to take a handful of raisins, and some of the dates in your breakfast will help you to gain instant energy, and this energy level is must in ordered to treat anemia.

Turmeric and yogurt

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Turmeric is a well-known remedy that has capabilities to treat several health issues, and the combination of yogurt and turmeric works magically when it comes to treating anemia. These both the ingredients are rich in the properties that can help you to fight off anemia. 

Vitamin C

Anemia is the disease that directly attacks to your immune system. You may also experience other infections and inflammatory diseases.  Enough vitamin C is quite helpful to cure yourself as well as to absorb iron. Lemon contains a high source of vitamin C that you can drink in the form of lemon juice daily. A proper dose of vitamin C can help you a lot to treat anemia.


Drumsticks is another remedy that contains exotic flavor that makes it the part of several south Indian cuisines. It is one of the tasty remedies that help you to recover while fighting the deficiency. You can also feel free to consume it in the form of juice that is too beneficial to produce red blood cells.

Eat banana

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Banana is a loaded source of potassium, and consuming potassium is essential to promote the production of hemoglobin. Consuming banana can help you to stimulate red blood cells production by easing anemia.

Sesame seed

You need adequate iron to balance your hemoglobin because anemia is caused by lack of red blood cells, sesame seeds are the best option to promote the hemoglobin production. You need to soak sesame seeds in some water. Leave it for 3-4 hours. Strain the water and grind them in a grinder. Now your remedy is ready. Take this sesame seeds to paste with one tsp of honey. Do the same every day for the better result.

Reduce stress

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It will not be wrong if I say stress is an open invitation to several diseases including anemia. You may go through anger, anxiety, and chronic worry that can even exhaust your organs. Make sure; you have designed your schedule that has complete rest as well as a stress-free lifestyle. Designing a perfect schedule also include plenty of sleep that works like an energy booster for the system and body. A proper rest means a lot to promote the production of red blood cells that is quite important to get rid of anemia.