Cervical Spondylosis Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment

With our increasing age, we start experiencing various types of physical disorders. Cervical spondylosis is one of those conditions, when our body undergoes a degenerative transformation. This disorder is very common to those, who are more than sixty-five years. Moreover, this condition can cause a negative impact on the cervical spine or neck ligaments, vertebrae and discs. Due to your aging process, you can find deteriorated discs. Usually, pain is the major symptom to cervical spondylosis. However, in all cases, you may feel other symptoms and not the pain.

What are the major causes behind cervical spondylosis?

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As your age increases, the cartilage and bones, constituting the backbone or neck, starts to get deteriorated. It can result it.

Herniated and dehydrated discs

Our discs work like the spinal vertebrae. After we have reached 40, these discs can dry out and begin to shrink. Cracks also come up on the discs, cause a bulge to the discs.

Inflexible ligaments

Spinal ligaments may get stiffened, and the neck will also lose its flexibility.

Bone spurs

Due to the deterioration of discs, the number of our bones gets increased for making our spine stronger. However, it can affect the roots of our nerve.

Factors, causing the risk of cervical spondylosis


Some people do the jobs, where their neck is in motion consistently or their neck gets high stress. They have a risk of having this type of spondylosis. Those, who are dancers or do martial arts, also have a chance of facing this disorder.

Genetic reasons

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The researchers have found that there may be genetic factors, causing you this type of spondylosis. Thus, you have to know the history of your family members’ health.


Regular smoking has a relation to neck ache or spondylosis.


It is another factor behind cervical spondylosis.

Both women and men have the potential of having this spondylosis.  However, we have seen that the men can have the symptoms at a very early age.

The severe compression of nerve roots may cause a permanent damage, and you will have cervical spondylosis. You have to speak to your physician in this case.

Symptoms indicating cervical spondylosis

  • Stiff shoulder and neck causing your pain occasionally
  • Headaches – It starts at your neck’s back portion

While you meet your physician, he will ask you to show the report of some tests for diagnosis.

Physical test

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It is the doctor, who will check your neck and head by moving it sideways for assessing the motion. He will also test out the feet and hand reflexes. He will ask you to walk to test your posture. He thoroughly assesses the sensation and strength of the lower and upper parts.

Scanning process for images

You have to snap x-ray image to find out the potential spinal damage and bone spurs. While you are having serious level of arm ache, the physician may ask you to undergo the MRI process. This test is intended to assess the condition of your nerve roots. The scan will also assist your physician to make out the need of the surgery and to identify the source of your problem.

Another relevant test for cervical spondylosis is myelogram, where the professionals apply a dye into your spine. The dye becomes visible in the scan. In addition to it, CT scan is also effective at testing the structure of your bone.

Electromyography and NCS are useful for the assessment of your nerves and muscles.


Modern treatments help in the reduction of symptoms.

  • Most of the physicians apply muscle relaxants for those, who have neck spasms and tightened muscles. One of the common relaxants is cyclobenzaprine.
  • Another drug, used to treat depression is Amitriptyline. However, it is useful for reducing the intensity of pain.
  • The physicians also inject steroid to your neck to decrease the pain.

Surgical process

With the removal of osteophytes and protruded bones, the surgeons reduce the pressure on your nerve root.

Cervical fusion is another surgery for controlling the stress on spinal cord.


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  • Stretch your neck, pushing the chin to the front
  • Tilt the head for tensing your neck muscles
  • Turn the neck to a side to stay comfortable

Thus, try out these workouts and consult with your physician to treat cervical spondylosis successfully.

Home remedies for cervical spondylosis


Consumption of garlic will show you great results when it comes to treating the problems of cervical spondylosis. The analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of garlic will cure the swelling, inflammation and pain in and around the neck area.

On a daily basis have some cloves of raw garlic. Do this every morning in an empty stomach. Chew the garlic cloves and swallow it with some water. You can also use garlic oil, to massage the affected neck region. All you have to do is, heat a pan and add garlic cloves (three to four). Crush them before adding. Now, add a tablespoon of coconut oil to this. Remove it from the flame and wait for it to cool. Massaging with this oil for a few minutes every day will seem very helpful. Follow this routine by taking a shower with warm water.


The properties of Turmeric will help to take care of your cervical spondylosis. It increases the circulation of blood and has anti – inflammatory properties. This will reduce the pain and stiffness caused in the muscles. In a glass full of milk add one teaspoon of Turmeric powder. Stir it well and heat it on low flame. Do this for five minutes. Remove from flame and cool it. Add one teaspoon of honey and drink this twice a day.

You can even get Turmeric capsules in the market these days. Don’t consume it without consulting a doctor.  

Sesame seeds

If you believe in the outstanding power of Ayurveda, then this is the treatment for you. Sesame seeds are brimming with vitamins, zinc, phosphorus, copper, manganese, calcium and magnesium. It takes care of your overall health as well as your bones. Using sesame oil to massage the affected area for a few times every day will be extremely beneficial for you.