What is motility of sperm and how to increase it naturally / Sperm motility treatment

There are so many couples in the world that have wishes for a child but they could not. Sometimes the problem is with the male partner’s sperm. It can be any of the reasons like sperm count, quality of sperm, the vitality of sperm etc. one of this problem is sperm motility. There is need of knowledge about the sperm motility so that the couples do not get worried and get the right advice. So in this article, we are going to talk about what is motility of sperm and how to increase it naturally.

Every man in this world worries about his manhood. We are so worried about our body and changes from our teenage. As we are talking about sperm motility in this article so we will start by discussing sperm motility rate and its role to us.

Sperm motility means the ability of our sperm to swim or move. This means that our sperm has the ability to move and it plays a big role in defining if the couple is going to have babies or not. Low sperm motility rate can also lead to male infertility but a high sperm motility increases the chances of getting pregnant.

But what is the use of sperm motility and why do sperm move:

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Sperms are alive and they are cells that contain our genetic information that is to be passed on to our next generation. As the sperms are alive so they have the ability to move. This is an important factor for having children. During the sex, a man ejaculates the semen in the vagina of the woman. because a woman is also excited during the sex so their cervical canal is also open. The cervical canal is at the end of the vaginal canal. The sperm has to be put near the cervical canal if one has to get pregnant. Semen contains the sperm. The sperm has to travel into the cervical canal to fuse with the egg.

So the sperm with high motility rate will have more chance to travel to the cervical canal. Many types of research have found out that on an average the sperm reaches the fallopian tube in 2-10 minutes. so this makes the sperm motility a great factor in determining the fertility rate of the male.

Another main factor in sperm motility is how they move inside the vagina. The sperm moves in two ways. one way is in large circles and a zig zag patterns. The other way is in small circles. The first one way lets the sperm travel a large distance as compared to the latter one.

There are about 39-40 million sperms that are ejaculated during a normal intercourse. But not all of the sperms are healthy to travel. So only a few of them makeup to the fallopian tube and then to the egg.

Now we know that sperm motility is a big factor in the process of reproduction. Now many men have a problem in getting their partner pregnant. This may be caused due to many reasons like low sperm count, low sperm motility rate, low sperm quality etc.

So there are many reasons that can affect the sperm motility. Some the reasons are discussed below:

Working environment

Working environment affects our health very much. And that applies to our sexual health. If a person works in an environment with chemical and extreme conditions. There may be cases when their sperm motility rate is decreased. Harmful chemicals do affect our body in a bad way.

Alcohol and smoking

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Continuous drinking and smoking are very bad for our health. In many types of research, it has had been found that people with heavy drinking habit tend to have low sperm motility rate as compared to the people not having a drinking habit. The case is same with the people who are chain smokers.

Environment and life style

As talked earlier the working environment also affects your health. Life style also plays the same role in our sexual health. If a person does not eat healthy food and is addicted to the fast food too much then there may be cases where the person may suffer from low sperm motility rate and other health problems.

Mistakes during the puberty

Often when we reach our teenage and start to note the changes in our body we start doing experiments with our body. we feel like heaven when we masturbate for the first time. But many of us catch the habit of masturbating more often than required. This also increases the risk of low sperm motility and also erectile dysfunction.


Genetics also play a major role in defining the characteristics of the upcoming generations. Therefore, your sperm motility rate also depends on the hereditary factor.


This is a disease in which the veins inside the scrotum become enlarged and decrease the production of healthy sperm. It can also be the reason for low sperm motility rate.

These were some reasons that can cause low sperm motility rate in the males. But there is no need to panic. There have been many types of research that have found the treatment to this problem. There are many types of treatment to this problem like chemical supplements, natural supplements, exercises etc. A patient should never use the chemical supplements because they have side effects on the other parts of our body. so the best option is to use the herbal supplements with the combination of exercises and healthy diet. One major positive effect of the natural supplements is that they do not have any side effects on our body. so now we will talk about some of these solutions in detail.

Here are some natural ways to treat low sperm motility rate:

Regular exercise

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Prevention is always better than the cure. Regular exercise is one factor that not only keeps you from the diseases and other ailments but also keeps your sexual health up to the mark. Regular exercise increases the stamina. There are several exercises which increase your sexual performance as well as your sperm count and sperm motility rate. You can choose to wither normal exercises like cycling, track and field, swimming or regular yoga. Ancient Indian Ayurveda has been known to cure many sexual diseases including the low sperm count.

Apart from that regular exercise keeps your other organs in shape and healthy.

Less use of electronic gadgets

We all know that too much exposure to the electronic waves can cause serious health problems. It has been proven that too much use of electronic devices like laptops, mobiles can cause various sex performance issues. It mainly decreases the sperm count and quality. So less use of the electronic devices can save you from the low sperm motility rate problem.

Big no to drinking and smoking

As we discussed earlier drinking and smoking cause low sperm motility rate in the mail. They can also cause cancer of various types. So leaving alcohol and smoking can give you the solutions that you need. Even if you are taking medicines and supplements regularly. The alcohol and smoking nullify the effect of the medicines. So it is recommended that one should quit drinking and smoking to see positive results.

Natural supplements

Natural supplements are one stop for the problem of low sperm motility rate. Natural supplements like ginseng, maca, fenugreek, ashwagandha etc. are very much effective in providing a solution to the problem. Natural supplements do not have any side effects on the body and should be taken regularly to get positive results. Natural supplements also improve your performance issues and other sex-related issues.

Healthy diet

A healthy diet combined with the regular exercise and natural supplements can have positive effects. One should consume a diet with proper nutrients and minerals. This can affect the growth of your body in a positive way. Even during the puberty time, one should follow a proper diet and not consume too much fast food.

Intake of anti-oxidants

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As we know that the free radicals can have a bad effect on our body. they can also affect the production of the sperms in the scrotum. The intake of the antioxidants can remove the free radicals from our body by donating electrons to them and making the oxygen atom complete.

These were some ways that can help you to boost the sperm motility rate naturally. But one thing we should keep in the mind is that if you have this problem then it is better to consult a doctor first in spite of curing yourself at home first.