Best foods for brain activity

The brain is one of the most important organs of humans body. It is the only organ that gives logic and sense to whatever one does. It controls each and every task you do and has a direct bearing on your behavior,thoughts, and emotions. The primary function of the brain is to control, coordinate and balance the activities. Even the bodies breathing,  digestion, heart rate, and blood pressure are controlled by the brain.

Brain starts to lose its elasticity as one age. This results in loose connections established by the brain which in turn causes problems like – less energy, memory problems, concentration issues. To boost your focus, concentration, and memory it is required that one maintains its brain health.

There are a lot of ways to keep your brain healthy and more elastic. Regular exercise and meditation, staying physically fit, taking nutritious diet and remaining stress-free are the important ones.

The best way of keeping your brain healthy is by including in your diet such ‘superfoods’ that enhance brain health.

Some foods helpful in maintaining brain activity are:


Home spices to boost brain power

Since ages almonds have been known to improve one’s memory and add in a better brain functioning. Children from childhood are made to munch of almonds for their brain development. Hence to improve the brain activity there is no other food which is as beneficial as almonds. Overnight soaked almonds when consumed first thing in the morning doesn’t only help to improve the memory over time but also help you get the protein for the day. Soaked almonds help you improve your concentration power and work with more focus on the tasks. It keeps the brain functioning and health in good condition.

Omega-3 fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acids particularly found in fish the most is the best food for your brain. About 30% of the brain muscles are made of the omega-3 kind of muscles and hence providing for the Omega-3 fatty acids proves the most beneficial. It builds up the nerve cells, helps in improving memory, and also keeps mental health in check. Omega-3 fatty acids are particularly found in fish, spinach, almonds, salmon etc.

Red wine

Red wine is rich in polyphenols which helps in the blood circulation and also aids in the promotion of blood flow in the brain. This in turn helps keep the brain activity at par!


Turmeric is a natural healer and helps in healing of cells. Consuming turmeric milk helps in keeping the brain cells active, promoting their growth and healing from inside. This keeps the brain activity going at all times.


There is a reason that Coffee, the famous caffeine, is used to wake you up every morning. Coffee contains a lot of antioxidants that has a positive impact on brain like increasing the feel-good hormone called serotonin, making you less sleepy, increasing brain activity and more. Coffee is good for improving brain activity!


Raw foods to boost your health

Blueberries are rich in Antioxidants and thus, protect us from free radicle sand foreign attack and help in rejuvenation of cells. It can helps to reduce DNA Damage, Which may Help protect against aging and Cancer. Apart from improving the blood circulation in our body, the same is found effective in discharging Stress, anxiety and too much exertion.


Avocadoes prevent oxidation and prove a great help in good brain activity. Avocadoes protect from nerve damage and improve brain memory. It highly benefits the prefrontal cortex, the area of the brain responsible for functions like planning and critical thinking. Avocadoes have unsaturated fats that help in brain development and good nerve functioning.

Dark chocolate

People love chocolate because of the way it makes them feel and not just because of the way it tastes.

Moreover, the studies have proved that the consumption of dark chocolates enhances your happiness as the same release endorphins. Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, dark chocolates are rich in caffeine that is mainly known for boosting up your brain, improving the mood, enhancing the memory power, and much more.

Dark chocolate contains magnesium which helps in relaxing. Magnesium is the main reason why people crave chocolate. More Magnesium can improve memory, focus, mood, sleep and resilience to stress. Chocolate’s flavonoids improve cognition and decrease insulin resistance. It supports good gut bacteria which helps your brain.


To work properly brain needs energy. The best energy giving food is whole grains. Whole grains with a low GI will release glucose into the blood slowly throughout the day. This will help one remain active mentally throughout the day. That is why whole grains should be included in your diet. The vitamin B helps release energy into the blood through fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. The best example of whole grains are – cereals,  bread,  rice,  pasta,  barley, oatmeal etc.


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Eggs are a  good source of vitamin B6, B12, and folic acid. They help in reducing a compound called homo-cysteine in the blood stream. This compound is responsible for increased risk of heart stroke and cognitive impairment. Cognitive impairment leads to brain shrinkage. It has been proved that brain shrinkage can be reduced by increasing doses of vitamins B which is in plenty in eggs. Eggs help in maintaining good brain health.

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are mainly rich in Magnesium which makes one feel better by reducing the stress level. Pumpkin seeds produce such chemicals in the body that make one feel happier and this is one of the reasons why it is considered as a brain food.


Eat salmon for good brain. The brain is made of fatty acids. Almost 60% of the brain contains fatty acids, fatty acids has many forms of DHA docosahexaenoic acid and omega -3 fatty acids. These acids are majorly found in oily fishes. Salmon is in the top of the list comprised of such acids. Our brain needs both acids in order to function brain activities properly. So basically salmon is one of the best sources for good brain health as it has DHA and omega-3 for best boosting brain health. Salmon not only builds brain health it also helps in acting as a shield or cell membrane for neuron and other brain cells. Salmon has so healthy fatty acids that even they take great care from injuries, reduces cerebral inflammation. It also boosts neurotransmitter which tells the cells for the action to do. So eat a lot more salmon fish to enhance your brain health.


Ed as the major source of Vitamin K that enhances cognitive function and help increase brain power. Broccoli also contains a compound called, glucosinolates. This helps to keep our brain memory sharp and increases the elasticity of brain. Broccoli increases one’s brain power. It’s a good source of protein which makes brain functioning better and increases concentration and focuses ability.


To improve brain development and promote its well-being, it is helpful that we keep a check on cognitive decline. And the foods that are responsible for good cognitive activity are – nuts,  olives, asparagus,  green leafy vegetables etc. They are good for brain activity.


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Walnuts are a great food for cognitive function. Shaped like the human brain, walnut is really a brain food. They are rich in omega -3 fatty acids and really good for reducing cognitive decline. A handful of walnuts taken every morning is a great source of energy and has great effects on brain.

These brain foods are really helpful in good cognitive function. When taken wisely, they can prove really helpful. One should always pay great caution and perform activities that will help that promote brain development and well being. Brain activities that help in keeping brain health in good condition should be followed.