What to do and what not to do during gastritis

Guys!!!! Let’s first learn what gastritis is before we learn what to do and what not to do if suffering from gastritis.

Gastritis is to put in simple words is the prolonged acid attack to the stomach lining (the soft tissue) due to the only culprit BAD DIGESTION. Do not confuse with Acidity which occurs due to the excessive acid (hydrochloride) secretion in the stomach.

It is not a one-day-go thing. Abraca-dabra no more works here. Rather than putting up few tips to get rid of gastritis. I would like to share with you a daily regime to follow to relieve from the prolonged acids scaling off your stomach soft tissue lining GASTRITIS. I’m sure you feel pride to suggest and share some with your near ones…

Don’t stag yourself for the discomfort, it’s the improper eating habits and lifestyle changes disrupting natural biological rhythm is to be blamed.

I’m here for rescue. Do not complicate things. Don’t mess up things and struggle yourself. I’m going to share with you a daily routine to follow to resolve gastritis with little changes you make to your daily routine.

Do’s during gastritis

Change your lifestyle

Gestational diabetes diet/meal plan

To expect long lasting results treat gastritis from the roots, THINK WHATS BACK STABBING YOU… Take 2-4 glasses of WARM water early mornings. Go for a walk for about 20-30 minutes. Take time off your busy schedule for yoga or exercises which keeps the digestives tract healthy and functioning. It relieves your stomach from excessive bloating, flatulence and other indigestion issues.

Eating habits

Start with a cleansing or detox drink in the morning. Any fruit drink or detox should work to cleanse your stomach off from deadly toxins. Choice is yours warm water, green tea, apple juice, or any drink your taste buds stand up for.

Have a moderate breakfast between 6am-10am loaded with more fruits and vegetable salads rich in vitamins to heal the gastritis inflammation.

I suggest you to have a HEAVY lunch, eat till you feel satisfied and content. Eat a balanced diet between 11am-2pm as the food gets easily digested and absorbed maintaining a healthy digestive functioning. Take yogurt in excess as it promotes friendly bacteria in the gut by icing your stomach inflammation.

Eat early at nights between 7pm-8pm and in moderation. Less or can even skip.


Rest your stomach!!! Let the gastritis causing ulcer bacteria die or inflammation heal. Fast for a day or 24-32 hours once in a week and you will see great results.  Don’t overload the next day, try to eat comfort foods.

In the liquid diet for gastritis, you need to include herbal tea, coconut water, etc.

Go natural

Watermelon, potatoes, peaches, grapes any seasonal fruit is for rescue. Have loads of them and chill your gastritis inflammation.  Grains like whole grain bread, oatmeal, finger millets, barley promote healthy bowel system.

Sleep smart

No smart phones. Having adequate sleep at night gives your digestive system and other functioning parts time to cleanse away your body overnight. Improper sleep pattern leads to improper digestion which grows up toxins leading to inflammation and acute/chronic gastritis. Don’t sway away with apps and movies late night. Sleep tight.

Dont’s during gastritis

Digestion pills

Do’s and don’ts during gastritis

Over the counter medications or antacids may help you easy out the gastritis for a day or two but is not the only solution. As Gastritis can occur any day and can even stay over a long period. Kill gastritis ulcer causing helicobacter pylori bacterium the natural way. Stop taking pain relief NSAID’s medications that contain ibuprofen, naproxen.


Anything in excess is bad. Not just smoking, alcohol or caffeine in excess is bad for your gut but water too. Yes you may be shattered hearing this, but yes. I have seen people taking water so seriously, but guys with great attention. Do not drink water for 1 hour before/after meals. This is because your stomach loses its digestive fire (HCL hydrochloric acid would lose its sway) if you drink water all the time while having food. It’s just like pouring water on a fire leading to undigested food. Keep the digestive fire on. Say no to cold water. Use a thermos and have warm water throughout the day at least 10 glasses would work wonders.

Bye to alcohol and smoking

You are literally peeling off your stomach lining off. If you expect fast track results avoid smoking and alcohol which does a lot of damage.

Less of tangy

Try to avoid tangy citrus fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin c like lemons, tomatoes, chillies, pepper and oranges as there are naturally rich in acids would intensify stomach acids and elevate the inflammation.


Caffine intake, carbonated drinks, processed foods, spicy foods, high fat foods needlessly to say increases the burn and inflammation. Don’t add spice to your wound.

Do not exercise on full stomach or after having meals. Opt to exercise empty stomach in the mornings.

One or most of the above mentioned issues would buildup toxins and impurities which causes blockage of food circulation in the gut. Heal the underlying root cause causing gastritis. Get the body back into balance!!